Sunday, June 19, 2011

Those Credit Cards...

So the worst thing happened to me this past week. Well maybe not the worst thing ever but it was something that was really bad. So, right now I am working in the office and we sometimes rotate who buys lunch or who get s to buy dessert. Well so some of my most favorite people in the whole world decided that they were going to be buying us lunch. They are the Larson Family. Elder Larson is the Car man for our mission and Sister Larson is the mission secretary. They are the busiest people I have ever met in my life. Elder Larson has to deal with 70 plus cars and trucks and 180 missionaries and he has to deal with accidents. And we know how good 19-21 year old men drive sometimes. So that keeps him super busy and on top of all that he manages other things. Sister Larson does like everything else. Without her,…the mission would just fall apart and we would all go home and there would be no reason for us to be out here. She keeps track of all the missionaries’ things and their paper work. Almost all of their papers they send out for the mission she has to keep track of them and keep them organized. They work super hard and I look up to them a lot. Not to mention, they are some funny people and are wonderful to be around. They keep me happy here in the office. So just the other day, they told us, “Hey you elders want some lunch?” I was like, “Sure what would you like?” They laughed and said, “No I meant what would you like to eat, we will buy you lunch?” I said, “We will have whatever you want, we aren’t too picky.” They said, “Ok, here is my card why don’t you go over to Five Guys and get us something over there.” We said, “Ok we can do that.” Besides that who would turn down a Five Guys Burger??? So we took his card and we went over there and then we came back and ate just the most awesome burger. It was so good and I was really enjoying it. Well so we get done and we decided to take off. We had a lot of things to take care of. So we split up and they stayed in the office and we left the office. So that night, Sister Larson calls me up and says, “Elder Lake, do you still have our card?” I said, “No I brought it back to the office and I am pretty sure I put it on your desk.” She replied, “I am not seeing it.” So I decided I was going to check my pockets and I couldn’t find it. So then the next day rolled around and still no luck. I was really starting to stress. Nothing can be worse than having to go through the telephone trying to cancel your card and activate another. For instance, press 1 if you want to do this...then press 2, then if this is what you need press 2 again. They are so annoying. Also, if I did leave it, maybe someone went on a shopping spree with it and blew all the money. So I was worried and plus they trusted me with their card. I got home today and an idea came to me where it could be. So I checked it and there it was. I put in a different envelope on accident. But we found it!! I was so happy and so glad that I found it. Something so little and so simple as a credit card but yet, I felt so good.    

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